Sacred Ground
Buffalos Eyes
It Ain't Right

TranceZenDance latest CD 'transcending'.

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Sacred Ground

Winner of the 2006 USA Songwriting Competition.
Callin' All Angels

Earthy sounds and lyrical beauty uplift the soul with warm
melodic songs that
blend clear insight with divine inspiration

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Sacred Ground MP3's
1 It Ain't Right 3:52 07 Life to Save 3:38
2 Sacred Ground 3:26 08 Broken China 3:05
3 Adeline 3:16 09 Paris (Right Place, Right TIme) 3:58
4 Julian 3:37 10 Dancin' In Circles 3:09
5 Buffalos Eyes 3:29 11 Callin' All Angles 4:00
6 Lift the Veil 4:01 12 Buffalo's Eyes (instumental) 3:09

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Trance Zen Dance - Crysalis
From the album Metamorphosis

Trance Zen Dance - Sun Raj
From the album Metamorphosis

Listen to a clip from "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" featuring Kimberly Bass singing harmony vocals.
From the album Heart of Mine by Maria Muldaur

Read what people are saying about Sacred Ground.

The originality and heartfelt sincerity of Kimberly's convictions take the listener on a spiritual journey. Her music reflects the highs and lows of love, speaking the language of the heart. She is a very talented lady who lives with integrity and purpose. This is a lovely piece of work.

Diane Schuur:Grammy winner/Recording Artist/Jazz Diva

Medicine Cards

For centuries, the voices of humans raised in song have guided artists and visionaries to create life with beauty. Kimberly Bass has added her voice to those who dream of a better future for humankind and all of our Earth Mother's children. May these songs touch each of your hearts as well.

Jamie Sams: Author of Medicine Cards (with David Carson)

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